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09 Jan Healthy Options

From lightened up classics to Vegan! Let Me guide you into Healthier baking! The Cookie King specializes in creating the most flavorful Cookies and Desserts. $2.99each Enjoy this Healthy Teaser Recipe on Me! ...

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09 Jan Cocktail Parties

Sweet & Savory Cookies From individual recipes to Full Menu's Let The Cookie King create a memorable evening for your guest's! I have been entertaining and catering for over thirty-five years, And while I always rely on my tried and true favorites, my guests always know they are...

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02 Dec This Baker can Cook!

From the classics and old world favorites, To healthy updated versions, Recipes to make your new family favorites! The Cookie KingĀ  infuses new flavors, unexpected spices, and lighter cooking techniques into everyday cooking. Looking for something different?...

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