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Request A Cookie!


09 Jan Request A Cookie!

Thank you all for your wonderful and overwhelming reaction to our release of

The Cookie King

Especially those who have re-posted the release on their Web Sites and

Facebook pages!

More to come………..

A tried and true recipe for any cookie!

If you are looking for a unique Cookie flavor experience, this is the spot.

I have thousands of recipes, all with a special “Cookie King” twist.

Hard at Work, With my “Thinking Crown” Creating.

Let me create something wonderful just for you!

$2.99 each


While I strive to create new and exciting flavor combos, I find myself always reaching back to my Childhood for fond memory favorites.  My Grandmother made several cakes using “box” mixes, popular at that time.  One favorite of the entire family was an orange pound cake.  I made this cake hundreds of times before i started to experiment with cookie versions.  The following recipe is a summer favorite, and i have produced thousands of them.  My choice of lemon is a Meyer, but any “fresh” lemon will do.



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